Australian Blueprint for Career Development

The Australian Blueprint for Career Development  is a framework for designing, implementing and evaluating career development programs for young people and adults. The Blueprint identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to make sound choices and to effectively manage their careers.

UK Careers education benchmark statement

The Careers Education Benchmark statement has been used by careers services across the UK.  A series of case studies has also been compiled by members of the AGCAS Careers Education Task Group, building on the good practice developed in the careers education benchmark statement. The case studies are intended to give a flavour of how HE careers education is developing as a discipline and aim to show the diversity of practice across the UK

Blueprint for Careers for England

The Blueprint sets out an approach to the management of life, learning and work that will support individuals to make the most of their opportunities and deal with the challenges of the 21st century. It outlines eleven key areas in which individuals may focus their energy and enhance their ability to achieve what is right for them as they navigate their way forward.

US National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) Framework

This document details the US framework for the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG). Domains, goals and indicators organize the framework. The domains: Personal Social Development (PS), Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning (ED) and Career Management (CM) describe content. Under each domain are goals (eleven in total). The goals define broad areas of career development competency. Under each goal in the framework are indicators of mastery that highlight the knowledge and skills needed to achieve that goal.