Learning Outcome

  • Investigate and evaluate the cultural, economic, political, technological and social impacts on career opportunities and planning


This topic looks at influences on the labour market and asks students to consider what the labour market of the future might look like.

The suggested activity could be done in flipped classroom mode.  The resource used in this activity, Job Outlook, could be supplemented with other Australian labour market data relevant to the field of study.

It is suggested that this topic be undertaken after the topic on Opportunity Awareness and Build Your Skills

Activities and discussion


  • Students to read pages 1-27 the following article The New Work Order
  • Using Job Outlook students should find an occupation that is of potential interest to them related to their field of study and answer the following questions::
    • What are the anticipated employment prospects for this occupation in the medium term (i.e. to 2019)?  From your knowledge of this area what could be the reasons for expected increase/decrease/no change in employment prospects?
    • Has there been a growth or reduction in employment level in this occupation in the past a) 10 years and b) 5years?  Can you identify the cause of any fluctuations?
    • Looking at the data on employment level by state or territory how does Victoria compare to the other States?  Is the result in line with the relative population for Victoria?  If not, can you explain why Victoria might be disproportionately represented?
    • Do any of the reasons you have come up with in your answers to previous questions relate to the themes raised in the article “The New Work Order”?


  • This could be done as a whole group debrief of the findings from the pre-class activity or in smaller groups with a presentation of findings.
  • In small groups students should imagine the labour market related to their field of study twenty years from now. Identify potential opportunities and risks for the future of work in your field. List the attributes and skills that will be required to navigate the changes in the labour market over the next 20 years.

Assessment Activity:

The report The New Work Order identifies actions Government could take to assist in promoting an adaptable, flexible, workforce able to meet the challenges of the future labour market.  Consider what you as an individual could be doing to assist you to make the most of opportunities and avoid the potential risks of future labour market changes.

  • Write a brief summary (500 words) of the labour market opportunities and risks in an occupational field that is currently of interest to you.
  • Identify 3 skills you could be developing now in order to “future proof” yourself for potential labour market changes.  Discuss briefly (200 words each) the action you take now to develop these skills and how these skills could potentially help you successfully navigate the changing labour market.

Further resources


Flipped classroom


1-hour external to class. 1 hour in-class