The Bachelor of Engineering (Aersopace) has a range of Career Development Learning (CDL) activities and assessment embedded throughout various courses. An opportunity arose to further strengthen CDL within a 3rd year Aerospace Engineering Course, ‘Management of Aerospace Design & Research’. This course includes significant Problem Based Learning where students work in teams on a design layout for an aircraft concept. There were 120 students enrolled in this course. The final assessment is to develop a proposal for a research-based aerospace project, using research methods and project management practice.

Students typically struggle to connect what they are doing in their coursework and projects to their professional career and often find it difficult to articulate their generic (“soft” skills such as problem solving, teamwork, leadership) to potential employers. In fact, when Careers Consultants review final year resumes, this experience is often not included.


The CDL team recommended that the final assessment for this course would require students to reflect on their group project experience and on their skill development during the semester. The assessment was to have a particular focus on the development of generic (“soft” skills) as opposed to technical skills.

In the assessment, students would be required to create a short video response to a behavioural interview question (to select one question from four). The intention was that this task would simulate typical interview questions and would require that students use a behavioural interview framework (SAR) to respond to the question.

The Course Coordinator subsequently incorporated a CDL assessment task (see attached). He also delivered an in-tutorial presentation to students on how to best prepare for an interview and how to use the SAR behavioural interviewing technique. The Course Coordinator utilised the Interview Skills teaching tool and resources on the CDL staff website to deliver this tutorial


As of the end of Semester 1, all students had submitted their video responses for assessment. Feedback as follows:

“In terms of this semester, there were a few good examples, particularly from our Thai student cohort, which was pleasing because communication skills are often challenging for them and also because they were the ones who attended the tutorial” Course Coordinator

I had an email from a student saying "I had an interview with Jetstar on Friday and I found your suggestions during the lecture last week to be helpful, so thanks for that”. Course coordinator.

Examples of student videos

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  2. 3378340
  3. 3430873

Assessment (PDF)