What is Career Development Learning? (pdf - 499kb)

Career Development Learning (CDL) provides students with the skills, knowledge, attributes and attitudes to manage their professional lives. It prepares students for a career rather than just gaining employment and assists them recognise and adapt to changing professional environments.

The pdf above provides background to the RMIT CDL Framework.

Why Teach Career Development Learning?  (YouTube Video)

Never has it been so important for students to have the skills to make considered and informed decisions about future career directions than is currently required in the changing employment environment. Understanding the environment is crucial if we are to assist student prepare for their futures.

The video above offers a student perspective on the importance of CDL.

RMIT's Career Development Learning Framework (pdf - 483kb)

RMIT's CDL framework builds career management skills and knowledge across a program. It is crucial that these outcomes be developed from program start. Utilising Explore, Experience and Engage as a guiding structure, students develop skills and knowledge to build employability.

The pdf above is a handy one page presentation of the RMIT CDL Framework.