Mapping and Auditing your Program

Program mapping of Career Development Learning (CDL) is a useful and simple exercise that helps produce a clear understanding and map of whole of program learning and teaching activity and outcomes. It allows you to identify if and where CDL is occurring in your programs and where there may be gaps.

Not all courses require the inclusion of CDL outcomes. The appropriate courses should be identified through the program mapping activity.

The initial program mapping provides an overview of the location of both CDL and WIL currently in programs. The course mapping provides a more in-depth snapshot of the learning outcomes, activities and assessment in courses directly related to CDL and WIL.

Identifying WIL courses in the program helps to visualise and assess scaffolding of CDL prior to and following WIL activity and can assist with establishing the relationship between CDL and WIL.

Program Mapping

Program Mapping can assist to:

  • Identify courses with explicit CDL learning outcomes
  • Locate gaps in CDL learning outcomes
  • Identify repetition of CDL outcomes.
  • Locate WIL and capstone courses  
  • Confirm appropriate scaffolding of CDL activity.

Programs and courses should be mapped against the  Career Development Learning outcomes. The attached mapping document may be used to identify appropriate learning outcomes in courses and assist in developing scaffolded CDL outcomes across all stages of a program.


  1. Download Program mapping template 1
  2. Download  the Career Development Framework  to provide guidelines for scaffolded learning activity.
  3. Download your program documentation. If you require help to locate information please use the attached diagram – program details.
  4. Complete the program mapping template.
    1. Assess the positioning of your course within the broader program structure.
    2. Does your course currently contain any CDL or WIL activities and outcomes?
    3. Should it contain CDL or WIL learning outcomes?
    4. Does the program offer appropriate scaffolding of CDL or WIL activities?
  5. Identify gaps in CDL delivery.
  6. Identify appropriate courses to deliver CDL content to provide scaffolded and appropriate learning. It is important to note the location of WIL courses within a program to ensure that CDL learning outcomes that assist students prepare for and debrief from WIL  experiences, are located appropriately.

Course Mapping

Course Mapping can assist to:

  • Identify CDL based teaching,learning and assessment activities which are not explicitly aligned to the stated course learning outcomes
  • Identify repetition of learning activity 
  • Locate gaps and omissions in learning activities
  • Identify assessment activity directly aligned to learning outcomes
  • Locate gaps and omissions in aligned assessment.


  1. Locate and download copies of identified course documentation including, learning outcomes, weekly breakdown of teaching and learning activities and assessment items.
  2. Download Course mapping document, Sample course mapping 1 and Sample course mapping 2.
  3. Use the CDL framework to check that the learning outcomes include CDL learning outcomes  and reflect the course activity. Develop an appropriate outcome if required.  

While the framework presents the CDL  outcomes in a linear fashion it is recognised that often programs will need to alter the delivery of the learning outcomes to relate to the program learning outcomes and requirements. For example, it may be necessary to include CDL to support WIL activities. There is no absolute in integrating  CDL outcomes as long as they have been scaffolded appropriately.


Resources for writing Courses, Learning outcomes and CDL Outcomes.

  1. CDL framework
  2. Guidelines for Writing HE courses
  3. Design Intentional Curriculum
  4. Quick Guide Writing Learning Outcomes 
  5. Use the attached course mapping template to identify and record  learning activity related to the learning outcomes and assessment of CDL.
  6. Identify gaps in learning and assessment activity.
  7. Utilise resources to develop teaching and assessment resources and activities that are aligned to the CDL outcomes of the course.

Resources for learning and teaching activities

Career toolkit

  1. Basic program mapping template
  2. Example of program mapping
  3. CDL framework
  4. Course mapping template
  5. Course mapping Sample

For complete course mapping across all learning outcomes rather than just isolating the CDL outcomes you may like to use the templates and examples from College of DSC. They provide an excellent example of mapping and aligning course outcomes with learning and teaching activity and assessment