Career Development Learning (CDL) provides students with the skills and knowledge to plan and manage career options and outcomes and to improve their employability. The content of CDL represents learning about self and learning about work and requires students to engage in learning approaches that utilise reflection on both self, and on the positioning of their discipline in the workplace to develop a personal perspective on future careers.

The following series of teaching tools and resources has been developed to support learning and teaching. Critical reflection plays a pivotal role in the learning and teaching of CDL and WIL. It  assists students gain an understanding of concepts, make the bridge between theory and practice and can enhance their personal and professional growth. A well designed teaching activity will encourage students to reflect on both their experience and on their personal response to the activity. Reflective practice goes hand in hand with a career portfolio to assist students to start building a professional presence.

The resources are aligned to the scaffolded stages of CDL as outlined in the Career Development Learning Framework. The teaching tools may be used in class exercises supported by research, discussion and activities but many are also useful as standalone learning activities for your students.

This site will grow as time progresses with new resources being added as they are requested and created.

Early program (Explore)

Explore possible career options in relation to personal motivations, skills and interests.

Mid program onwards (Experience)

Apply knowledge and skills in a real world context and reflect on experiences and understandings to help formulate career goals.

Late program (Engage)

Integrate program learning, graduate attributes and professional experience to construct a professional identity and prepare evidence to secure and create employment opportunities.